What does a dining room chairs meant for every family?

Dining Room Chairs are essential furniture for every family,If the living room is the heart of the home, then the dining room is its soul. dining room chairs and kitchen chairs in a variety of materials, such as upholstered, metal, wood etc..

Why we choose the dining room chairs with upholstered ?

The most important thing is that Upholstered chairs make a comfortable sitting, match to your dining table. We have fabric and leather dining chairs in a variety of colors

What kind of wood to made our chairs ?

Our dining room chairs are made of a variety of woods, including Rubber Wood,Oak Wood,Ash Wood,Manchurian Ash ,Ply Wood and more. We also have some chairs with beautiful lacquer paint finishes to add a pop of color to your dining room Chairs

Do you have any chairs made of other materials besides wooden chairs?

Yes , we are not only produce wooden chairs , we also have metal steel dining chair and table,our metal chairs are comfortable, lightweight, durable and highly versatile. They can be combined with a variety of table styles, including industrial, vintage and modern.

Does your company made side Chairs ?

yes , we have variety of side chair styles, including Parsons. Parsons chairs have sleek modern lines and minimalist design for a look that's both contemporary and classic.

About the dining room sets options

To create the perfect dining room, you may need other furniture pieces. At NORPEL, we have kinds of dining room furniture for your space. Choose from our collection of furniture for your dining room, including dining tables, benches, sofas , bar stools,Banquet Chairs and more

Dining Room is a place where people come together, be that everyday meals with family or special occasions with friends,Find your interest dining room sets for your space. Shop our selection of dining room chairs

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Our advantages and why choose us

1:China direct dining room furniture supplier , Dining room sets manufacture
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If you’ve already got a kitchen table you like, it may be time to upgrade your dining chairs,Our dining chairs vary wildly in style and color, so no matter what look you’re going for,you’ll be able to find the dining chairs to pull it off

And of course, you can buy just a single chair if you’ve had a new addition to the family or purchase a set of matching dining chairs to replace the old ones you’re getting rid of. You can even mix and match dining chairs. So if you’re looking for dining chairs, you can rest assured because we offer a compelling and diverse selection of dining chairs matching both your tastes and budget.